Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Garden in June

Somewhat belated, that's what I am.  The calendar is telling me that it is already the second of July!  I am still in June!!!  Where has the month gone?  Ah, exams.  And car seat research.  And no, I am not totally confused about what day it is.  Today is not Sunday.  Today is Saturday, which is not a normal blogging day for me.  But I was awake at 5am, and by the time I had changed Munchkin's nappy and all of his clothes (yes, yet another disposable soaked through - a current nightly occurrence!), got myself a fresh hot water bottle, and climbed back into bed I just couldn't sleep.  So here I am!  Heading for a shower in approximately four minutes.  Otherwise I will get in trouble with Boyo for not being ready to head out later this morning at the agreed and specified time.

So the garden.  Not much to report.  The zucchinis have finally died.  The yellow one did give a few last fruits in early June though, which shows how warm it has been here.

The lemon tree is amass with fruit.  My mum took all last season's fruit off it, which apparently helps produce better fruiting.  I'd have to say the evidence suggests this is a valid concept!

I got some greens and mandarins this week from the Big Garden.  Yummy!

And at my place, I've managed to keep a few lettuces and spinach un-chomped by whatever ate the last batch.  I am rather excited!

What has been happening in your garden this month?



Dayla said...

Hi Amy, my garden is destroyed this last month. As we are moving I have destroyed it by digging out all I wish to take with me and leaving it bare. I did put some sprouting potatoes in foam boxes a few months ago. They are doing well and I can pick them up and take them with me to the new house. I did sow some carrots before I knew we were moving but they are tiny never the less we are eating them. Poor house will be bulldozed so I don't care about leaving anything much behind. Sad but good.
thanks for asking. I can't wait to get started on my new bigger garden.

MaxineD said...

Not a lot has happened - although it has been supposed to have been winter and things should have stopped growing, my brocoli is still flowering ans the spring onions have seeded :-(.

Mary said...

The garden season is fixin to peak here. The cole crops are finished and its on to beans, tomatoes, squash and the like. Time to plant the late vegetables too.

Don't you love meeting other folks who love to grow things?