Thursday, July 21, 2011

Knitting Frenzy

I am on a little bit of a knitting frenzy to get my blanket finished on time.  I've done one square already since I last posted about it, so only four more to go.  Here's the article that spurred me into action! The amusing (and more than coincidental) thing about this article is that I had no intention of even opening the paper.  Boyo and I are trying (again!) to keep our dining table more clear of stuff, so he said that I can just throw out the local papers as soon as they arrive if I like.  I was about to do it with this one, as I don't regularly read them, when I decided to have a quick flick through.  I'm so thankful I did, as otherwise I'd have missed the shipment date!!!  Stressful though it might be trying to get things finished, it would be worse to have missed the opportunity, so I'm grateful for little nudges like this.

You'll see (click on the image to enlarge it) that they are having a wrap-up party on the 16th of August. I hope to be there, blanket and all!



Elizabeth said...

Go Amy - knit hard girl!

MaxineD said...

Yay for Holy Spirit prompts!!
I saw Ngaire's pile the other day - oh, and she was very impressed with Munchkin and his parents when you visited!!