Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Cuties

It's blog day!  Yay!!!  I started study for Semester Two yesterday, with the realisation that I have two (large) assignments due in just three week's time.  Don't think I'm going to have much time for blogging.  Or the chook cage.  Or the sewn zipped bags.  Or much else for the next few weeks.  I'm making the most of my afternoon today while Munchkin sleeps!  I am so glad that I decided to allocate days as blog days, study days, and home days.  It does help keep me focused, while providing some outlet for least until the week those assignments are due at any rate! 

So here I am, sitting in a peacefully quiet house while the wind whips around outside.  Sunlight is filtering through our lounge windows behind me.  I am eating a childhood favourite for lunch:  pasta with tomato sauce and cheese.  Life feels good, despite the continuing occassional cough.

I am feeling pretty chuffed at having found some small soft toys for my Christmas Child shoebox stash in the past few weeks.  They cost $3 or less, and are small enough for shoeboxes.  I found them in three different dollar/discount style stores.  Plus I got a little polarfleece blanket to go in one box in place of something to wear.  Now I only need seven things to wear and the box contents will be complete!

Aren't they cute?!  The little guys actually have magnets in their feet so you can wrap them around your finger.

More cutie-pies!



MaxineD said...

Very cute!! and a great price.

Happy studying... and blogging and 'home' days. May your eoutine 'work'!

Elizabeth said...

I think I tried leaving a comment last night, but the stupid computer and internet were not cooperating!

Very cute, good buying Amy!