Sunday, July 10, 2011

Loving that Feeling

I have a cold.  A nasty, lingering, annoying cold.  Not my usual snuffly, snot-ball in the head cold.  Nope.  Just to be different, this time I have a cough.  Hardly any snot to mention (which is odd, as I am usually a snot factory - I know, I know you really didn't want to know, but that's too bad!).  Now, you need to know something about me.  I DO NOT COUGH.  It sounds weird, but I don't.  My beloved Granny died of coughing, you see.  She had a progressive lung disease, so I don't have any real memories of her before she was coughing.  She would cough till choking point.  She actually died of a heart attack, but for me at least, coughing is just something that really hits a sore spot.  I don't like listening to people cough.  And I really don't like coughing myself.  So usually when I get a cold, I suck it up and just grit my teeth and ignore that itching, tickling, raspy feeling.  And I don't cough.  I have worked out that the best cure for a cough is prevention.  Don't start, then you don't need to finish.  Have you ever noticed how raw your throat gets after coughing for a day or two?  Yeah, well that's what mine is like now.  This cough is not your usual run-of-the-mill cough.  It is nasty.  Or at least it has been nasty to me.  My poor immune system just doesn't seem to know what to do.  It started with a sore throat, then I had a few worried days over my tonsils (thanks to garlic, large doses of vitamin C and echinacea, my tonsils are now safe), and now I cough.  I cough, and cough, and cough.  Ugh.  I just can't seem to stop.  I try to talk, and my voice is sometimes there, and sometimes not.  Munchkin has today also started coughing.  Double Ugh.  At least he is sleeping through it and otherwise still a pretty happy chappy.

So this post is not about loving the cough.  Like, whatever!  I don't think so.  Nor is it about loving lemon and honey drinks, although I have had a few of those.  Not about loving my homeopathic kit either (remedies that helped with the tonsilitis and now the coughing).  Or that we had baked beans in the house (easy dinner for Munchkin and I, combined with some fruit and bread for him, and an egg and leftover roast veges for me!).

This post is about loving that I feel SO LOVED by my husband.  Yesterday, Boyo put together a cupboard on his own, so that I could lie on the couch and cough myself into a doze.  A cupboard that I insisted on buying.  It's for Munchkin's room, a temporary storage solution to his books, toys, bedding, etc that are not currently in that I can close a door on to keep little hands off!  So Boyo put the cupboard together while I was completely lazy.  Then, he took Munchy Baby out for a walk that same afternoon while I again lay on the couch and slept.  They apparently had a bit of a blast, as a squall came through just after they left - wind and rain, just what Boyo loves!  Munchkin was safely in under the storm cover so didn't care at all either.  Then this morning, Boyo appeared at 5am.  He was wide awake so sent me back to bed (I'd slept on the couch due to coughing), and he waited for Munchkin to get up and gave him breakfast so I could have a bit longer in bed.  It didn't end up being all that long, as Munchy slept in, but just KNOWING that I didn't have to leap up and get organised first thing in the morning felt SO nice.  Boyo has also been asking me how I am feeling.  He has a tendency to forget to check, as the assumption is generally that I will volunteer information if I am feeling disgusting enough (I am not a very good silent martyr type!).  But I tell you, it makes a huge difference being asked, rather than just volunteering the information. 

So today, I am loving my man.  I am grateful to have him.  I am blessed.  He ROCKS!

Things I'm Loving? Boyo, of course!



Elizabeth said...

So glad he's being a good one, and looking after you! It sucks being sick :-(! Hope you feel better soon!

PaisleyJade said...

Soooooooo sweet!!

Aynsley said...

Ah yes the snot factory .. I shall put up my hand and claim that one! I came down with a cold last Sunday and it is still hanging around/not improving. I suspect it is antibiotics time given the revolting colour and taste etc

MaxineD said...

Great post - apart from the snot....

Try lemon juice mixed into honey, no hot water - I have sometimes found that more soothing for an irritated throat.