Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have realised in recent weeks that I am not really a stay-at-home person.  While Boyo is happy to spend the entire day at home, I am always on the look out for people to see or adventures to go on.  I get cabin fever if I'm inside for more than half a day.  I get lonely if there's no one to talk to.  Munchkin isn't really good company for talking just yet and no, talking on the phone is just not the same.  But as I sit here, in the stillness of the morning, I am enjoying a moment of solitude.  For while I love to go out and be busy, I also love to come home.  Home is an oasis.  Home is peaceful, or at least it should be. 

I have been up since 5am.  An assignment sits, almost finished.  Tantilisingly so.  And even though I got up to work (to study), I have enjoyed being here, alone.  It's been nice to have some time to myself, without having to think about what anyone else is doing.  My 'boys' are still asleep (at 8am!).  I got to go to the toilet by myself (the pinacle of motherhood bliss, I swear, second only to having a bath by myself, but we don't own one so the loo alone it is!).  I am sitting here in my wooly hat and fluffy purple dressing gown, eating eggs on toast while typing away.  This is my second breakfast.  Being up at 5am is hungry business!  And for the record, I did get dressed, but it is COLD this morning even with the heatpump set on 19 degrees.

So here I am, enjoying the peace and tranquilty of a silent house, wondering for how many more minutes it will be mine.  Munchy will wake up soon, and be hungry for breakfast.  We are going visiting this morning, catching up with friends.  I will tell him that we are going out, and he will be so excited to get into the car! Later this afternoon Boyo will take him out for a walk so I can finish that assignment.  But for now, it is nice to be alone.  Just me, my dressing gown, and my toast. Balance, I think this is called.



MaxineD said...

balance, or bliss - and yes I can remember the accompanied visits to the loo etc.

Elizabeth said...

You're so good getting up at 5am (& Munchy sleeping until 8am, jealous much)! I think 5:50am is early enough... that is when Luke's alarm goes off every morning!